I'm Alex, a 25-year-old lifestyle and event photographer based in Scottsdale, AZ. Ever since I was a kid, you can never find me without a camera in my hand. I always believed in documenting the world around me and telling stories with my creative vision.
I've been fortunate enough to capture a diverse number of portraits throughout the years, as well as document countless events from start to finish. It's rewarding work that challenges me to continuously grow as an artist and storyteller!
Since deciding to pursue photography seriously in 2017, I've treasured all of the experiences it's provided me. I'm not just passionate about my work, but also about providing others with high-quality photographs of moments and emotions they won't forget. From covering a day in the life at a non-profit organization to being backstage at one of Arizona's largest music festivals, my camera and photo-taking skills have gifted me opportunities to meet some great people and take me places I could have only dreamt of.
If you're interested in hiring me for anything from senior graduation pictures to an event at a local venue, contact me here or inquire via Instagram!
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